Product Overview

  • 2x-3x higher efficiency on small particles than standard MERV 8 pleated filters
  • Increases life of downstream filters
  • Significantly improved protection against bioaerosols and other hazardous particles
  • High-capacity media configuration for extended filter life
  • Reinforced with corrosion-resistant heavy metal backing
  • 2-piece die cut double-wall frame with diagonal face strips for extra strength
  • MERV 11
Filter Depth
  • 1"
  • 2"
  • 4"
Media Type
  • Synthetic
Frame Material
  • Beverage Board
Special Size Available
  • Yes
Max Operating Temperature
  • 180˚F (82˚C)
  • MERV 11
  • UL900

The PREpleat M11 HC pleated filter enables a significant upgrade in collection efficiency over existing MERV 8 products. A MERV 8 filter, 30%-40% efficiency, can be upgraded to 6065% efficiency at roughly the same resistance levels by upgrading to the PREpleat M11 HC filter.

Superior Design and Construction

Media: The PREpleat M11 HC filter is made using progressive-density bi-component fibers. Electrostatically enhanced fibers are precisely structured into a progressive density gradient structure to enhance airflow with less resistance while providing high dust-holding capacity (DHC) and ultra-high efficiency during operational life. The media structure enables larger incoming contaminants to be trapped in the prefilter layer, thus allowing the highly charged secondary layer to attract and hold smaller particulate. This increases the life of more expensive final filters downstream.

This proprietary media, combined with AAF Flanders’ unique V-Pleat manufacturing design, equals the highest performance pleat available on the market today. The proprietary PREpleat M11 can provide an initial efficiency of MERV 11 at an initial resistance of 0.30 w.g. for a 24x24x2 filter running at 2000 cfm (500 fpm). The high-capacity design further increases the dust-holding capacity and longevity of the filter while reducing resistance and saving energy.

Frame and Support:  Heavy-duty, two piece, moisture-resistant frame includes diagonal and horizontal support members bonded to the media on the air entering and exiting sides for unsurpassed frame strength. Interlocking corners and positive media-to-frame seal reduce the possibility of air bypass. Diamond-shaped expanded metal supports are continuously laminated on the air leaving side to provide pleat stability during operation. Pleat shape is maintained, allowing full media utilization and maximizing DHC.

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