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K-12 Schools

Clean air technology to promote healthy learning environments

Children can be especially vulnerable to their environments — and K-12 schools often face a host of air quality risks. Older buildings, multipurpose classrooms and close contact can lead to a higher concentration of airborne contaminants. AAF tailors air filtration solutions, especially for K-12 schools, to address concerns about the health and productivity of students and staff.

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Helps control the spread of mold, pollen and other contaminants

Virus particles can travel by piggybacking on larger dust particles or droplets. Air filters rated MERV 16 or higher capture at least 95% of airborne particles between 0.3 micron and 1.0 microns.

Extends filter life to help reduce labor hours

A filter with a high dust-holding capacity, like the MEGApleat M9, can reduce changeouts. It’s designed to last 3-4 times longer than standard pleated prefilters.

Designed to use less energy

Air filtration and HVAC operation are a significant part of most educational budgets. AAF can provide a thorough air filter audit to analyze your system for energy savings.

Provides flexible comfort control in gyms, classrooms and labs to meet changing needs

The AstroPure portable air purification system offers high-efficiency, 2-stage air filtration in a unit that’s easy to move where it’s needed most.







Helps control the spread of mold, pollen and other contaminants

Students spend more than 1,300 hours in school buildings each year, so the quality of the air they breathe can have a significant impact. AAF designed VariCel VXL filters with a double layer of filtration media to help remove contaminants that can lead to cold and flu. Classrooms designed for multiple uses and changing occupancy levels benefit from the AstroPure portable air purification system that allows a high level of flexibility.


Designed to use less energy

Energy-efficient filtration solutions like the PREpleat M13 filters can help control operating costs while extending the life of the system. For older schools, the MEGApleat M9 filters are ideal thanks to their low impact on airflow.

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