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EV Batteries

High-performance filtration to support advanced production

Lithium-ion battery production for electric vehicles needs air filtration technology that’s just as advanced. Cleanrooms and manufacturing lines require unique solutions to support employees and quality control. AAF designs high-efficiency filtration systems for managing humidity, dust, gases and other airborne contaminants while helping you move toward your sustainability goals.

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Offers control over humidity, dust and airborne contaminants

VariCel VXL filters are designed to trap and control small airborne droplets that could carry viruses and bacteria.

Snaps tightly into place for a secure seal

SAAF Cassettes have a rigid construction that allow a high level of structural integrity and are designed to help eliminate gas bypass problems.

Supports sustainability goals through high-efficiency design

MEGAcel ll filters with ePTFE media offer reduced resistance and uniform fiber distribution to help reduce energy use.

Helps reduce total cost of ownership

AAF’s AstroHood S-lll roomside replaceable filter unit allows tool-free replacement of HEPA filters to help reduce maintenance spending.







Offers control over humidity, dust and airborne contaminants

Relative humidity and air contaminants are important considerations inside lithium-ion battery facilities since these factors can affect product performance. AAF offers prefiltration solutions such as the VariCel VXL filter that features up to 50% more media than standard rigid cartridge filters for trapping more contaminants. cleanrooms and other areas that need routine validation of system performance can benefit from the AstroHood S-ll terminal supply hood with MEGAcel ll filters to reduce risk of contamination.


Snaps tightly into place for a secure seal

There’s no room for leaks or harmful gas bypass in EV battery production. AAF offers patent-pending gas filtration cassettes designed for a secure, chemical-free seal. Heavy-duty SAAF Cassettes snap into place — and they’re built without harmful glues or solvents. No stickers or labels are on the cassette, so they don’t get in the way of sealing integrity.

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