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Industrial Machinery

Solutions designed to
simplify dust collection

Industrial environments can expose people and machinery to a wide variety of harmful dust and airborne particles. AAF’s wet and dry dust collectors and oil mist collectors can meet the needs of multiple industries — from food and beverage to waste and recycling, mining and automotive manufacturing. Besides supporting employee wellbeing, cleaner indoor air can lead to safer working conditions, improved operational performance and increased energy savings.



Offers plug-and-play dust collectors for easy setup

AIVY Compact is an extremely adaptable filtration system. Find a solution to meet your specific needs by selecting layout and optional components.

Provides dust collection systems with a wide range of airflows

Simplified side-door maintenance and a small footprint allow the PulsePak Prime to be operated indoors and outdoors.

Harnesses the power of water with a full range of wet collectors

Our RotoClone line of wet collectors is designed to perform reliably in high-humidity environments.

Offers dry collectors for challenging industrial applications

We offer efficient cartridge and bag solutions to help control operating costs.







Offers plug-and-play dust collectors for easy setup

AAF offers dry dust collectors with all the necessary elements to ease the process. AIVY Compact is a cartridge dry dust collector for airflows from 600 CFM up to 12,000 CFM. The easy-to-install design helps save time on installation. ArrestAll is a self-cleaning compact bag collector for airflows from 1,000 CFM up to 8,000 CFM. It allows for simple start-up and maintenance with its bag filters mounted on a single cassette for easy change-out.


Provides compact-sized, high-capacity dust collection units

Plants with space restrictions and height limitations need specific dust collection systems to meet their unique requirements. AAF offers the FabriPulse M high-capacity bag dust collector in a compact size. The fixed height is matched with incremental widths to provide options. The bag system has a cassette that allows all bags to be replaced at once. Side-door access simplifies the filter changeout. PulsePak Prime is a dry dust cartridge collector with a small footprint, thanks to its unique vertical arrangement of AAF’s proprietary pleated cartridges.

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