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Medical Devices

Efficient clean air technology for contamination control

In the medical device industry, quality control is paramount from the concept stage to packaging. Here, air filtration is a powerful technology in cleanrooms, laboratories and beyond. AAF designs advanced filtration systems that help protect against contamination while supporting sustainability goals.

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Built to protect against filter leaks and damage

HEPA filters with ePTFE media offer high tensile strength and resistance to chemical degradation to help eliminate premature leaking and failure.

Reduces harmful pollutants in the air

VariCel VXL filters rated MERV 13 and greater meet LEED Project Certification efficiency requirements and recommended efficiency for filtration of airborne viruses.

Designed to limit energy use to help meet sustainability goals

MEGAcel I high-performance HEPA filters with eFRM media membrane have initial resistance up to 50% lower than glass filters.

Helps control total cost of ownership

AAF’s AstroHood S-lll roomside replaceable filter unit allows tool-free replacement of HEPA filters to help reduce maintenance spending.







Designed to limit energy use to help meet sustainability goals

Keeping cleanrooms functioning safely requires more resources than other aspects of the manufacturing process. Air filtration technology provides an opportunity to control energy costs while maintaining cleanroom performance. The HEATMOS HEPA filter is designed to protect ultraclean environments where high-temperature processes are present. Elsewhere, the VariCel VXL filter and the MEGApleat M9 filter can be paired together for effective, energy-efficient filtration.


Built to protect against leaks and damage

Manufacturing downtime is often attributed to equipment failure in cleanroom environments. AAF offers a dependable alternative to fragile glass HEPA-ULPA filters that can be damaged in handling. The MEGAcel eFRM filter is made with a membrane media that’s more durable than glass and is compatible with oil-based test aerosols. The MEGAcel II eFRM filter features superior durability in a hydrophobic design.

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