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Contaminant control for preservation & protection

Time and contaminated air lead to deterioration and loss of precious artifacts. Reducing toxins — through filters engineered for specific contaminants — can help protect important acquisitions as well as visitors and staff. AAF works with libraries, museums and archive facilities to identify individual air quality issues and offer innovative solutions. These long-lasting, high-performance systems can also be an important part of supporting sustainability and budget goals.



Filters toxic gases that can damage precious artifacts

Particles from paints, varnishes and cleaning chemicals can damage priceless collections. Sites that house historic artifacts and art benefit from multi-stage filtration systems to help protect their exhibits.

Helps support a comfortable environment

Clean air is vital to creating the right environment for visitors and employees. AAF’s PerfectPleat HC filter has approximately 25% more filter media than our standard capacity filter for high-performing air filtration.

Manages humidity levels and helps control airborne contaminants

Contaminants from construction, auto emissions and other outdoor sources provide a threat to museum artifacts. Technology platforms such as Sensor360 monitor particulate levels to determine ongoing filtration performance.

Designed to use less energy to help control operating costs

A thorough audit of your air filtration system can analyze opportunities for cost savings and liability reduction. AAF uses the TCO Diagnostic tool to optimize filtration systems based on filter cost, energy use and service cycle.







Filters toxic gases that can damage precious artifacts

Books, textiles and metal artifacts can be damaged by gases created by outdoor pollution and indoor furnishings. Many museums and archives target toxic contaminants through filtration specifically designed for their needs. AAF air purification systems are available with a selection of engineered filter media. SAAFCarb filters can reduce chlorine, hydrocarbons, ozone and VOCs, while SAAFOxidant helps control formaldehyde, nitrogen dioxide and more. 


Designed to use less energy to help control operating costs

Art galleries, museums and archives continually face budget pressures. Long-lasting, high-efficiency filtration can help shield against rising energy costs — while designs that extend the life of a filter can help cut down on maintenance. AAF solutions include PerfectPleat HC filtration. These self-supporting pleated filters are developed to use less energy and last longer.

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