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Wastewater Treatment

Clean air solutions to help plants perform vital work

Wastewater treatment plants are a necessity across the globe. Yet, by nature, their operations produce unpleasant odors and corrosive gases. If left unchecked, these can become a hazard to employees, the company’s equipment and the surrounding environment. AAF’s filtration solutions can help eliminate these harmful gases and protect electronics from corrosion. This helps prevent costly repairs while fostering a healthier work environment and positive community relations.



Helps control the spread of corrosive gases

AAF can provide engineered carbon media to help target specific gases.

Helps target unpleasant odors

The SAAF PORTA-Scrubber is an industrial-grade unit for reducing odor-causing contaminants. It’s designed for outdoor installation and low maintenance.

Reduces contaminants that can affect human health

AAF’s BioCel VXL filters offer 99.99% average efficiency on particles sized 1.0-5.0 microns. This size includes most bacteria and potentially virus-carrying small particles harmful to human health.

Offers monitoring of controlled environments to help reduce downtime

The SAAFShield system can monitor up to 500 sites with multiple detecting units and a single SAAFShield reading unit.







Helps control the spread of corrosive gases

Corrosive gases are an ever-present problem in wastewater treatment plants. Their deteriorating effects can impact electrical components and other vital equipment leading to a range of operational problems. AAF designs clean air solutions, including engineered gas carbon media, that can reduce these gases from the air to help control their damaging effects. SAAFOxidant chemical media is designed to efficiently remove 99.5% of specific gaseous contaminants from the airstream. It targets sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and other impurities.


Offers monitoring of controlled environments to help reduce downtime

Sensitive electronic control systems require a controlled environment. AAF provides monitoring services that can help you take action and protect your equipment to avoid expensive downtime. The SAAFShield detecting unit works with a SAAFShield reading unit (or the SAAFShield communications model) to capture data over time, determine trends, compile reports and compare information to existing standards. This data reporting can also be tied into an existing building management or building control system.

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