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Public Facilities

Advanced filtration to serve citizen needs

In all public government facilities, the quality of the air is vitally important. It can impact the health and well-being of visitors and employees. In sensitive areas — from embassies and consulates to correctional facilities air quality matters to security as well as comfort. AAF provides advanced air filtration solutions for governments worldwide. Systems are engineered to reduce contaminants and help protect people and natural resources.


Reduces airborne contaminants

AAF customizes clean air solutions to help create a healthy, comfortable indoor environment that can comply with relevant guidelines.

Helps control the spread of odors

SAAF cassettes can help reduce harmful gases with a unique design that also helps eliminate concerns over off-gassing and dirty air bypass.

Supports clean air security efforts

In some sensitive government facilities, CBRN hazards may mean additional control is needed. AAF offers a range of clean air solutions for these applications.

Helps limit energy usage and change-outs

VariCel VXL has a dual layer of filtering media to increase dust-holding capacity to help minimize operating costs.







Reduces airborne contaminants

In facilities like office buildings and correctional facilities, airborne pollutants may have both immediate and long-term effects on health and well-being. AAF designs complete filtration solutions to help reduce contaminants related to everything from work productivity to ongoing health concerns. MEGApleat M9 is a durable filter that performs under even difficult operating conditions, like those where dampness or moisture is an issue. For controlled environments, MEGAcel l provides HEPA-ULPA performance where a high level of filtration is needed.


Supports clean air security efforts

In embassies, consulates and border facilities, protecting indoor air may be a matter of security. It can also be part of creating a positive perception for international visitors. AAF can provide specialized filtration for these, including chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defense (CBRN) applications. This encompasses a range of prefilters, secondary filters and HEPA filtration on fresh air intake housing.

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