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American Air Filter International
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Clean air solutions for
health innovations

In the field of biotechnology, scientists and other personnel regularly handle pathogenic agents like viruses, parasites and bacterial microorganisms. Containment filtration systems play a vital role in helping safeguard both the people within the lab and the broader public. AAF’s custom clean air systems are designed to reduce and contain harmful microbes while helping prevent product contamination. That can allow the work to improve lives to take place in a safe and sterile environment.



Helps protect against HEPA filter failure

AAF offers the MEGAcel family of HEPA filters that use polymer membrane media. This can provide higher tensile strength, abrasion resistance and burst pressure than glass media.

Helps limit wasted energy and resources

VariCel VXL systems are able to contain up to 50% more media than standard rigid cartridge filters for lower resistance and greater airflow capacity.

Offers a turnkey solution for ISO-5 cleanroom requirements

The AstroClean is a self-contained unidirectional flow module designed to meet cleanliness requirements for ISO Class 5 or better.

Extends filter life to reduce changeouts

Our MEGApleat M9 filters have a high dust-holding capacity so they can remain in place longer than a typical pleated filter.







Helps protect against HEPA filter failure

Traditional HEPA filters are made of glass. If they’re damaged, there may be failure during HEPA integrity testing. AAF uses rugged eFRM polymer instead of glass in our MEGAcel I filters for HVAC systems and MEGAcel II filters for terminal systems — which have a <1% failure in the field. AAF also helps reduce leaks and failures with HEPA filters that have ceramic seals and stainless-steel separators to reduce expansion and cracking.


Helps limit wasted energy and resources

Cleanrooms are extremely demanding of natural resources. That’s why AAF designs indoor air systems to support sustainability goals for these high-tech facilities. MEGAcel I and MEGAcel II HEPA-ULPA filters are created to use less energy and lower resistance, which can help reduce your total costs of ownership. To optimize system integrity and efficiency, pair AAF’s AstroClean unidirectional flow cleanroom module with AstroHood S-I terminal supply hoods.

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