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Data Centers

High-performing clean air control for IT environments

Powerful IT infrastructures need clean air to help protect against downtime and data losses. Advanced filtration solutions are available to reduce airborne contaminants and maximize airflow to help keep computers running as intended. The right systems can help shield against the risks of humidity, dust and various airborne contaminants — even in coastal or polluted environments. AAF provides data centers with energy-efficient, high-performance solutions designed to help them stay competitive.

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Combines energy efficiency with optimal airflow to help keep data systems cool

PrecisionCell lll filters use a pleated design to achieve the lowest initial resistance in AAF’s high-efficiency filter line.

Helps protect against dust and other contaminants that can damage computers

Dust and other contaminants pose a threat to data center equipment. Technology platforms such as Sensor360 monitor particulate levels to determine ongoing filtration performance.

Helps control labor hours with fewer filter changeouts

VariCel VXL filters have two layers of glass fibers to allow full filtering potential. The maximum dust-holding capacity helps extend the life of the filter.

Offers peace of mind through in-house analysis and reactivity coupons

Corrosion of server components can lead to costly downtime. AAF offers Reactivity Monitoring Coupons to help data centers take action for protecting servers from failure.







Combines energy efficiency with optimal airflow to help keep data systems cool

Data centers can require more energy than common commercial buildings. Fortunately, air filtration provides opportunities to improve energy efficiency while maintaining computer performance. AAF products, such as PrecisionCell and VariCel 2+, combine efficiency with low resistance, helping protect airflow; and, in many cases, systems such as the DriPak GX may provide all the filtration you need without supplemental filters.


Helps control labor hours with fewer filter changeouts

Every time you change a filter, it costs money. You also run the risk of a shutdown. Reducing the number of unique filters you need — and how often they need to be changed — can make a difference in your bottom line. AAF can help you select systems that require fewer filters and fewer changeouts. The MEGApleat M9 filter is a cost-effective solution designed to be left in place for much longer than standard M8 filters. AAF can also design a system using Permanent Metal Filters that may allow you to remove an entire stage of filtration.

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