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Pulp & Paper

Clean air solutions to support
mill operations

Pulp and paper operations present a unique combination of challenges in air filtration. Electronic process control systems are susceptible to corrosive elements in the pulp mill environment. Byproducts such as fly-ash, fiber and dust can interfere with plant machinery, while airborne contaminants can affect employee health and wellbeing. AAF’s complete range of clean air solutions are designed to address the complex needs of the pulp and paper industry — helping protect the electronics, equipment and people involved in production and other daily operations.



Reduces corrosive pollutants that can damage electronics

AAF’s SAAFShield systems can show ongoing reactivity monitoring data on an LCD display that’s updated every 15 minutes.

Provides environmental monitoring to support industry compliance

Monitoring the environment for electronics systems can also help support compliance with third-party manufacturer warranties.

Offers a complete range of air filtration solutions

AAF is the world’s largest manufacturer of air filtration solutions designed to remove and control a wide range of airborne and gaseous contaminants.

Supports operational outcomes with intelligent data tools

Sensor360 monitors air filtration and delivers the information to a phone, tablet or computer. Room displays are also available.







Reduces corrosive pollutants that can damage electronics

Sensitive electronic control systems require a controlled environment. AAF provides monitoring services that can help you take action and protect your equipment to avoid expensive downtime. The SAAFShield detecting unit works with a SAAFShield reading unit (or the SAAFShield communications model) to capture data over time, determine trends, compile reports and compare information to existing standards. This data reporting can also be tied into an existing building management or building control system.


Supports operational outcomes with intelligent data tools

Data is power — and the right data can provide more power over controlling the costs of doing business. Sensor360 from AAF is a facility management tool designed to monitor air filtration performance and optimize systems. Sensors are installed to monitor particulate levels and pressure drop. The data helps facility managers determine how systems are working so they can plan filter changeout schedules to optimize value and energy efficiency. Other smart tools from AAF include the TCO Diagnostic analysis to help select filters that can improve total lifecycle costs.

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