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Oil, Gas & Chemicals

Clean air solutions that
help fuel industry

Demanding industries require dependable filtration solutions. Oil, gas and chemical operations such as offshore platforms, refineries and fracking sites are subject to contamination from a variety of harmful chemicals, from salt to toxic gases. They rely on electronic process controls that need monitoring to help protect them from corrosive gases. AAF’s filtration solutions are designed to perform under the most difficult conditions. They’re engineered to support operational efficiency, safeguard employee wellbeing and help protect the environment.



Helps protect sensitive process control equipment

SAAF Reactivity Monitoring Coupons provide data on average air reactivity over 30 days. This can show when action needs to be taken to protect electronics, equipment and processes.

Reduces toxic gases related to production

The SAAF PORTA-Scrubber is a self-contained system for reducing contaminants. It’s designed for fast and easy installation.

Offers environmental monitoring to help protect sensitive electronics

Monitoring for corrosive gases may be part of compliance with electronics manufacturers’ warranties.

Helps reduce maintenance for large air compressors

Choosing clean air systems designed for a longer service life can help reduce the number of filter changeouts.







Reduces toxic gases related to production

Nearly all areas of the industry either use or create toxic, corrosive or irritating chemicals during production. Reducing these noxious gases is vital to the health and safety of employees and the public.

AAF offers complete indoor air solutions designed to reduce contaminants efficiently and effectively. The SAAF PORTA-Scrubber is suitable for the most demanding applications and uses the ultra-high capacity SAAFCarb MA.HT to help control odors and particulates. SAAF air purification systems provide a combination of gas-phase and high-efficiency filters. These SAAF systems include a Pressurization and Recirculating Unit as well as a Recirculating Unit. Both units provide a combination of gas-phase and high-efficiency air filters. The units pressurize, recirculate and clean the air in controlled environments.


Offers environmental monitoring for electronic controls

AAF provides monitoring services that can help you protect your sensitive equipment to avoid expensive downtime. The SAAFShield detecting unit works with a SAAFShield reading unit (or the SAAFShield communications model) to capture data over time, determine trends, compile reports and compare information to existing standards. This data reporting can also be tied into an existing building management or building control system.

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