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Fill Finish & OSD

Clean air innovation to guard against downtimE

Facilities for pharmaceutical fill finish — the process of creating drugs with chemicals — demand a strictly controlled environment at every stage of research, development and manufacturing. Precise air filtration is crucial in the cleanroom and beyond. That’s why the pharmaceutical industry relies on AAF. We design advanced air filtration systems that minimize the threat of airborne contaminants while also helping manage costs and achieve sustainability goals. We build rugged, reliable equipment needed to mitigate costly delays and patient risk. There’s simply too much at stake to deliver anything less.

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Reduces risk of airborne contaminants

AAF’s HEPA and ULPA filters are available scan-tested in a range of efficiencies suitable for cleanroom environments.

Helps protect against filter leaks and damage that can lead to downtime

HEPA filter leaks can lead to cleanroom downtime and production losses. Polymer-based filter media such as the MEGAcel I eFRM was developed to reduce damage that can lead to filter failure.

Provides control over total cost of ownership for filtration solutions

The AstroHood S-II allows room-side access for filter replacement and is suitable for areas where routine system performance validation is required.

Supports sustainability goals with energy-efficient designs

AAF uses the TCO Diagnostic analytical software tool to calculate a filtration system’s energy use and performance. The tool combines real-life filter performance results with local operating costs to calculate total cost of ownership.







Helps protect against filter leaks and damage that can lead to downtime

Standard glass HEPA filters are common, but they weren’t originally designed with modern cleanrooms in mind. Today, any filter leaks or failure can be catastrophic, so AAF provides filtration through media developed to reduce your concerns over validation. The MEGAcel I eFRM was designed to offer peace of mind in critical spaces and for ISO-classified areas, the MEGAcel II eFRM is hydrophobic and rugged to help protect against damage during handling and the resulting downtime.


Supports sustainability goals with energy-efficient designs

Pharmaceutical fill finish cleanrooms demand much more energy than other commercial facilities. That’s why AAF designs solutions that optimize efficiency at every stage of an air filtration system. The robust MEGApleat M9 filter combined with the VariCel VXL filter offers high dust-holding capacity and energy efficiency to help businesses meet their sustainability goals, and the HEATMOS HEPA filter is classified for H14 efficiency, helping solve heat efficiency drops in cost-effective fashion.


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