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Wind & Solar

Clean air technology to reduce costs & environmental impact

Manufacturing solar components is a demanding process. The smallest contaminants can lead to costly setbacks — and even damaged reputations. AAF air filtration technology is developed to provide the advanced protection needed for cleanrooms and other strictly controlled areas. These energy-efficient clean air systems are designed for long-lasting performance and can help reduce both rising costs and environmental impact. AAF provides the power of clean air to help keep other systems operating as intended.



Minimizes environmental impact

AAF can provide a combination of energy-efficient pre-filters and HEPA filtration to help minimize energy usage.

Helps protect cleanroom equipment and processes

VariCel VXL filters are designed to allow up to 50% more filtration media than standard rigid cartridge filters.

Limits preventive maintenance needs

An innovative tapered pocket design helps maximize the life of the DriPak GX filter to extend service time between changeouts.

Reduces downtime

MEGAcel l and MEGAcel ll use polymer-based filter media with higher tensile strength and abrasion resistance than glass. This helps resist filter damage that can lead to downtime.







Minimizes environmental impact & energy use

High energy use and environmental impact are common concerns for manufacturers of solar components. AAF can provide an optimized combination of energy-efficient pre-filtration and HEPA filters designed to significantly reduce these burdens. The MEGApleat M9 is a pre-filter that captures large particles before they can strain HEPA filtration. It is designed to last 3-4 times longer than standard pleated filters. The MEGAcel I and MEGAcel II HEPA-ULPA filters feature eFRM polymer-based media instead of glass, which may be more fragile.


Helps protect cleanroom equipment & processes

Cleanroom equipment is at the mercy of microscopic airborne contaminants. AAF’s AstroFan Fan Filter Units are designed to help protect sensitive equipment by supplying clean, filtered air efficiently. Achieve even higher efficiency airflow rates by adding MEGAcel filters with resilient eFRM media. For a clear picture of system performance and cost, AAF’s TCO Diagnostic total cost of ownership analysis can demonstrate the environmental impact of a current system compared to an optimized system.

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