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Compounding Pharmacies

Clean air for controlled
cleanroom environments

Compounding pharmacies require a highly controlled environment for creating life-saving medications. Protecting both people and products demands advanced indoor air filtration to support strict cleanroom standards. AAF provides clean air solutions for reducing contaminants — along with innovations to help compounding pharmacies address their operational costs and efficiency. It’s why you can trust AAF to help safeguard customers and staff and protect their trust in you.



Reduces airborne pollutants to help avoid product contamination

AAF clean air solutions help protect people and products as well as downtime. MEGAcel ll eFRM filters feature durable, polymer-based media designed to resist damage.

Offers control over energy use and labor

AAF offers long-lasting filters as well as smart tools such as TCO Diagnostic analysis. These make it easier to select filters for improving total life-cycle costs.

Simplifies preventive maintenance

AAF’s Sensor360 is a software tool designed to help facility managers monitor performance and plan filter changeout schedules for value and energy efficiency.

Supports exhaust filtration to help protect patients and staff

AstroHood S-I terminal filter hoods are designed for areas where routine performance validation is required.







Reduces pollutants that can cause contamination

Compounding pharmacies producing sterile products face contamination from several sources. AAF provides complete filtration solutions using maximum-efficiency HEPA filters to reduce particulates in the air to help protect people and products. During sterile injectable compounding, exhaust filtration is necessary for the well-being of patients and employees. AAF’s AstroSafe BG-Series BIBO Containment Units are designed to help minimize exposure to toxic materials in the air. These include AstroHood S-I terminal filter hoods, which are fully welded to avoid leaks.


Offers control over energy use and labor

The costs of clean air may be significant — but they aren’t fixed. AAF provides solutions designed to help reduce your facility’s overall cost of ownership. VariCel VXL systems use more media than standard rigid cartridge filters to extend usable life and help reduce changeouts. Choosing MEGApleat M9 instead of a standard pleated filter can extend service life 3-4 times, and more filter media can affect both resistance and airflow to help reduce energy needs.

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