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Energy-efficient clean air for guest comfort

Clean air is one of the most important parts of a hotel stay. Guests need a healthy, comfortable environment - from breakfast to bed. If they don’t get what they need, hotel reviews may suffer. AAF’s efficient, clean air solutions are designed to protect air quality in guest rooms and restaurants while also helping address maintenance and energy requirements. Taking care of the indoor air for guests and staff may be just the competitive advantage that sets a hotel apart.



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Meets hotels' unique clean air needs

Our VariCel M-Pak offers high-efficiency indoor air filtration in a space-saving design. This energy-efficient, clear air solution is tailored to meet a hotel’s unique needs for protecting indoor air quality.

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Offers more control over maintenance

AAF's Sensor360 gives facility managers a clear picture of filtration operations and helps optimize filter changeouts.

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Helps control the spread of mold and infectious diseases

BioCel VXL offers near-HEPA level filtration efficiency with much lower initial resistance than HEPA filters.

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Supports sustainability goals for green buildings

AAF can help in the process of earning LEED credits for green building design. Contact your AAF representative to learn more.






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Filters a wide range of contaminants from dust to urban pollution

Hotels have unique needs for protecting indoor air quality (IAQ). This includes filtering outdoor air that enters buildings using both central air handling units and individual heating and air conditioning units for each guest room. AAF offers energy-efficient, clean air solutions tailored specifically to those requirements. Energy-efficient filter options include the MEGApleat M9, designed to reduce energy usage while protecting HVAC coils. Sensor360 is our facility management tool for tracking air filter performance and getting the most value out of your system.


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Helps control the spread of mold and infectious disease

Maintaining the quality of a hotel’s indoor air is vital to protecting guests and employees alike. BioCel VXL filters are designed for critical applications. They offer 99.99% average efficiency on particles sized from 1.0-5.0 microns. This encompasses the size of most bacteria and potentially virus-carrying small particles that can harm people’s health. PREpleat M13 pleated filters meet the recommended minimum efficiency for filtering airborne viruses.

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