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Hospitals & Clinics

Clean air technology for
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Every breath of air is critical in an environment dedicated to patient care, and your choices in air filtration are crucial to the quality of air you provide. They’ll also have a significant impact on your maintenance and energy costs. That’s why hospitals, clinics and medical facilities of every size trust AAF. We’ll help you combine advanced filtration of small particles with energy-efficient performance and rugged construction. The result is an effective solution to protect what matters most.

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Helps protect patients, visitors and staff

AAF provides total filtration solutions to minimize risk throughout an entire hospital or healthcare facility.

Reduces risk of airborne contaminants

BioCel VXL filters offer 99.99% average efficiency on 1.0 to 5.0 micron-sized particles, which encompasses the size of most bacteria and potentially virus-carrying particles.

Controls maintenance and energy needs

Energy-efficient AstroCel filters offer 436 square feet of filter media to help reduce needed filter changeouts.

Limits environmental impact

VariCel filters rated MERV 13 and higher meet LEED project certification efficiency requirements.







Reduces risk of airborne contaminants

Airborne contaminants can harm people and damage medical equipment, so AAF offers a range of filtration systems for advanced protection against airborne dust, bacteria, viruses and gases. Our VariCel VXL filter is a long-lasting choice that effectively controls small particles while using less energy than comparable filters. The MEGAcel II eFRM is designed to maintain stringent filtration levels paired with low energy usage, and the AstroPure portable air purification system provides quiet, high-efficiency filtration to instantly upgrade an isolation room.


Helps control maintenance and energy needs

Energy usage and deferred maintenance can take a serious toll on healthcare budgets. AAF offers technology to help identify opportunities to reduce expenses and save time. Our TCO Diagnostic analysis compares energy use, labor hours, the costs of products and shipping and other factors to help you choose the optimal solution. Filtration products, such as our MEGApleat M9, are designed to reduce changeout cycles and use less energy, and our rugged FASeal holding frames eliminate the need for latches to simplify filter changeouts.


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