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Air filtration to support
fine & casual dining

Creating a memorable dining experience isn’t just about the food — it starts with clean air. A restaurant’s choices in indoor air filtration influence not just the ambience but also the health and safety of guests and staff - even restaurant profitability. AAF designs durable, energy-efficient filtration solutions for dining establishments of nearly every size and scale. The result is a system that helps restaurateurs control costs while prioritizing every diner’s experience.



Reduces odors and pollutants resulting from food preparation

A 3-stage filtration system can reduce contaminants responsible for offensive restaurant odors. This may require filtration of gases such as nitrogen oxide, VOCs and ozone.

Offers flexibility for busy and varied restaurant environments

A portable air purification system with locking casters, AAF’s AstroPure features high-efficiency 2-stage filtration with the MEGAcel l eFRM HEPA filtert and the VariCel  2+ HC filter.

Helps protect against spread of infectious disease in crowded areas

Advanced clean air solutions can help reduce the spread of disease-causing contaminants as well as hazards caused by the processing and handling of food.

Allows cost control with energy-efficient designs

VariCel filters rated MERV 13 and greater meet LEED project efficiency certification requirements..







Reduces odors and pollutants resulting from food preparation

Cooking creates odors — but it can also contribute to indoor air pollution that can reach dangerous levels. AAF provides solutions for reducing these airborne particles, helping create a pleasant experience for diners and staff. The VariSorb XL filter is made with a pleated media filled with carbon that captures and securely bonds contaminants inside. SAAF Housings for Side Access and Front Access make it easy to combine a variety of filtration types to create a total clean air solution.


Offers flexibility for busy and varied restaurant environments

Threats to a restaurant’s indoor air quality can vary as a result of polluted outdoor air, illegal smoking and other issues. AAF designs multi-stage air filtration systems to protect IAQ in a range of environments. The VariSorb XL filter is an effective, lightweight design that can be installed on a restaurant roof as part of a multi-stage system. The AstroPure is a portable air purification system that makes it easy to provide filtered indoor air whenever and wherever it’s needed.


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