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Product Overview

  • Efficiencies are 99.97% and 99.99% on 0.30 and 99.9995% on 0.12 micrometer particles
  • High capacity Alpha 2000 filters can reduce the filter bank size
  • Corrugated aluminum separators stabilize the moisture-resistant media pack (separator style)
  • Available as a separatorless media filter with a self-supporting media pack (Pureform®)
  • Available in a variety of frame materials, in gasket or fluid seal design

  • HEPA
Filter Depth
  • Various
Media Type
  • Fiberglass
Frame Material
  • Metal
  • Wood
Max Operating Temperature
  • 175˚F (79˚C)

High Capacity Design

The Alpha 2000 high capacity HEPA filter is available in a nominal 12″ depth configuration. It is designed for optimum performance and low operating costs in both new and replacement systems.

The Alpha 2000 saves space, energy, and material and labor costs, with 40% more media area than the standard capacity Alpha Cell filter.

Save Space

Alpha 2000 HEPA filters operate at 500 FPM (2.54 m/s) (2000 CFM for a 24″ x 24″ size / 3400 CMU for 610 x 610 mm) at 1.35″ w.g.(3340 Pa) clean pressure drop versus conventional Alpha Cell filters that operate at 250 FPM (1.27 ms/s) and .80 inch w.g. (200 PA) clean pressure drop.

Superior Design and Construction

A popular construction option consists of 16 gauge galvanneal frames and moisture-resistant microfine wet-laid fiberglass media folded over hemmed edge low am­plitude corrugated aluminum separators. The filter pack is bonded to the frame by a fire-retardant urethane elastomer to provide a rigid leak-free assembly.

Save Energy

Alpha 2000 filters in a conventional HEPA filter bank impose a lighter load on the fan when operated at conventional 250 FPM (1.27m/s) velocities during the life of the filters. The Alpha 2000 99.97% and 99.99% high capacity 24″ x 24″ x 11½″  (610 x 610 x 292 mm) filter has a clean pressure drop of 1″ w.g.(250 Pa) at 1500 CFM (2550 CMH), compared to standard Alpha Cell filters with a clean pressure drop of 1½″ w.g. (375 Pa) at the same airflow.

Save Replacement Material and Labor Costs

Savings are significant with high capacity Alpha 2000 filters. They operate at lower velocities and provide life cycles up to three times the life of standard capacity filters. Savings are achieved in replacement materials and labor costs as a result of fewer filters.


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