SAAF Recirculation Unit

Product Overview

  • Pressurize, recirculate, and clean the air in a controlled environment
  • Easy installation, operation, and maintenance in a self-contained system
  • Combines gas-phase and high efficiency air filters to create total clean air solutions
  • Patent-pending SAAFTM Seal provides superior filtration efficiency
  • Designed with internal variable speed fan (electronically commutated) 
  • Customizable media combinations to meet your specific requirements
  • Whisper-quiet operation

Exceptional Filter Efficiency

AAF Flanders' patent-pending filter sealing system prevents bypass of unfiltered air. Cassettes and filters are locked in place on the SAAF Track by a combination of cassette notches and cassette locator bars. Designed to maintain optimal positioning of the cassettes, the locator bar compresses the cassette into the sealing gasket. This unique system ensures exceptional filter efficiency.

Energy-Efficient, Adjustable

These SAAF systems contain a variable speed fan (electronically commutated) to provide energy efficiency and adjustable air flow. The fan section uses a sliding fan tray design to allow easy access for required wiring and installation. The control panel uses a hinged panel design for easy access to the on/off disconnect, variable speed control, and pressure gauges.

Maximum Control of Air Distribution

Supply air grilles are double deflection, providing maximum control for spread and distribution of air. Return air grilles for the SAAF PRU are single deflection grilles with dampers to allow adjustment of recirculation air flow.

Maximum Protection and Durability

The SAAF PRU and RU are constructed of stainless steel, aluminum, or painted steel for maximum protection and durability. Double-walled panels and doors provide whisper-quiet operation and thermal insulation.

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