Product Overview

  • Fully welded, leak-free construction for life
  • Lowest operating cost unit available
  • Compliant with industry requirements
  • Validated room side testing capability
  • Fully room side serviceable
  • Guaranteed reliable operation

Typical Applications

Available Styles
  • Ducted Collar Inlet - Top or Side, Round or Square, 8" to 14"
Filter Depth
  • Various
Module Type
  • Supply Hood
  • Roomside Replaceable/Testable Filter
Protective Grill
  • Expanded Steel, White Painted
  • Stainless Steel
Housing Material
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
Housing Depth
  • Nominal 10"

The AstroHood S-I boasts a rivet-less, zero-pressure boundary penetration design and is the ideal terminal filter hood for pharmaceutical, biotech cleanrooms, or wherever guaranteed leak-free operation and routine system performance validation are required. It may be installed in a variety of ceiling types including tee-bar ceilings, gel-seal grid systems, and plaster ceilings. Ideally suited for controlled, clean-space applications up to ISO Class 4 by using an adequate number of units with appropriate spatial coverage of the area. Applications could be an ISO Class 5 “spot” or full-coverage ISO Class 4 cleanroom.

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