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Hospital fights odors, high filtration costs with AAF clean air systems

See how AAF provided an economical solution for a hospital.

The Filtration Situation

Moisture can lead to expensive problems with air filtration.

In the basement of one hospital, two extremely wet air handling units were the source of a musty, mildewy odor. They required frequent, costly filter changeouts to help manage the odor.

Technical Situation


The wet environment quickly loaded the Koch 95% DuraMAX 2V filters. The hospital was forced to replace the filters every three months, resulting in a higher cost of ownership due to the filter expense and increased labor costs associated with the additional changeouts.

The AAF Solution

AAF’s key objective was to find a cost-effective solution to the expensive changeouts and offensive odors.

AAF recommended the VariCel® M-Pak filter, a 6″-deep filter made with moisture-resistant, wet-laid fiberglass. The VariCel M-Pak can withstand exposure to free moisture in the atmosphere, making it ideal for installation where moisture is an issue. Its dual-density design was developed to allow the full filtering potential of the media and maximize dust holding. By maximizing dust-holding capacity, the life of the filter is extended and operating costs are minimized.

The hospital HVAC staff also received independent test reports to compare the Koch 2V filter and AAF VariCel M-Pak filters. At first, the staff was hesitant to switch to a 6″-deep filter from 12” models, but they were willing to order the recommended filters for a trial in one AHU.

The Results

The VariCel M-Pak filter solution was able to capture almost two times as much dust as the Koch filter at a final resistance of 1.5″ water gauge. As a result, the filter life was extended, and the hospital was able to use the VariCel M-Pak filters for seven months versus three — a significant cost savings.

Additionally, the smaller footprint and lighter weight of the VariCel M-Pak filter meant less space required for storage, as well as easier handling. The reduced depth allows VariCel M-Pak filters to be packed two to a carton for more cost-effective shipping. Disposal costs may also be lower.

After trials confirmed the increased dust-holding capacity of the VariCel M-Pak, the hospital immediately made the switch to the VariCel M-Pak filters.

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