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Cancer treatment center protects patients and saves energy with AAF filtratioN.

See how AAF cut AHU energy use by 50%.

The Filtration Situation

In healthcare facilities, each specialized medical practice can make unique demands on the HVAC system. This complicates the process of keeping HVAC equipment operating at its highest efficiency.

At this Arizona cancer treatment center — formerly Cancer Treatment Centers of America(CTCA) and since acquired by City of Hope — new state regulations required the center to update its air filtration system. The updated regulations called for HEPA filtration in the air handling units to help maintain a sterile environment when mixing chemotherapy drugs in the surgery area and pharmacy.

Unfortunately, the original AHU racks in the surgery area and pharmacy were not designed for HEPA-grade filters but rather for single-header ASHRAE-grade filters. The facility used single header HEPA filtration that required a custom size filter — a costly choice for the organization.

The AAF Solution

AAF and their distributor partner approached the customer with an energy-saving solution using AAF MEGAcel® I filters. In addition, AAF provided an exclusive Total Cost of Ownership program to identify other opportunities for savings.

The facility’s customized HEPA filter would be replaced with MEGAcel I filters that incorporate AAF’s unique ePTFE Technology. This proprietary media is more durable than glass, and the filters combine ultra-high efficiency with extremely low-pressure drop.

Lower initial resistance significantly reduced energy consumption, resulting in substantial energy savings and cost benefits. Additionally, the racks were replaced with MEGAcel holding frames to maximize airflow.

Energy Saving Benefits

The results of switching to AAF MEGAcel I filters were impressive. The energy required to move the air through the HEPA filter section of the pharmacy AHU was reduced from 4.54 kW to 2.27 kW. In the surgery area, AHU energy usage was reduced from 6.49 kW to 2.92 kW. This was a 50% decrease in energy consumption.

The MEGAcel I was the clear solution for the customer. As a result of the decision to install MEGAcel I, the facility is able to order standard-sized filters, eliminating the need for expensive custom filters. This simplifies the ordering process. In addition, the center will recognize considerable energy savings using AAF’s  MEGAcel I filtration.

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