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Reducing cleanroom costs, downtime with AAF’s durable filter media

See how AAF helped eliminate HEPA filter failures.

The Filtration Situation

Glass HEPA filter media has long been the norm for filtering air in cleanroom facilities. Yet handling and installation can sometimes cause glass filters to break, which increases the chance of leakage. Damaged filters can have a negative financial impact — most significantly with the extended downtime needed to replace damaged filters. Other related costs also add up, such as the expense of replacement filters and the need to keep 10% of total HEPA filters in inventory as spares.

The AAF Solution

The manufacturer’s largest facility had 1,000 glass filters replaced with MEGAcel® II eFRM membrane HEPA filters. The MEGAcel filter media is a durable polymer developed to resist damage. The installation was completed by Laboratory Certification Services, Inc. (LCS), a controlled environment testing and service company based in Columbus, Ohio.

According to Kelsey Feathers, LCS vice president, his team of eight certified technicians installed all 1,000 HEPA filters within 12 days. Most importantly, he said, “The filters were delivered to the site and fully installed with zero damage.”

Ten additional MEGAcel II eFRM filters were purchased to have on hand in case any replacements were needed during the installation. These filters were not needed and continue to remain in inventory.

At the time of writing, 100% of the MEGAcel II eFRM filters installed remain in operation — a 100% success rate with 0% failure.

Additional benefits

The MEGAcel II eFRM provided several other benefits during operation. The new filters reduced pressure drop allowed the facility to reduce fresh air intake dampers from 100% open to just 20% open upon installation. Reducing the dampers also added significant capacity to the supporting HVAC mechanicals to help extend the life of the equipment.

The change in outside air damper settings also helps prolong the life of the ASHRAE-grade prefilters and secondary filters to help the customer save on energy, material and labor.

Previously, the facility had experienced a significant dip in pressure when doors were opened in areas supporting the cleanroom, such as the gowning room and airlocks. Installing the new AAF filters allowed accelerated stabilization of air pressure in these areas, thanks to their low-pressure drop.

Upgrading the site to MEGAcel II eFRM filters has provided energy savings as well as a reduction in related material and labor.


The MEGAcel’s 0% failure rate and the significant energy savings prompted the customer to go even further. The company decided to replace all terminal HEPA filters from glass to MEGAcel II eFRM media in every one of its Midwest medical device manufacturing facilities.

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