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AAF helps Nippon Club restaurant meet strict air quality standards

Learn how AAF helped a popular NYC restaurant. 

The Filtration Situation

A restaurant’s air quality must always meet strict requirements to ensure food quality and the health and safety of patrons and staff. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the challenges were far greater for operators who needed to protect people’s well-being. Because masks cannot be worn while eating, the air quality in the dining area had to be unfailingly safe.

The AAF Solution

AAF developed a solution designed to provide clean air for employees and diners. The recommendation included stationing multiple AstroPure portable air purification systems in strategic locations. AstroPure units provide high-efficiency, two-stage filtration with an easy-to-use, portable design.


The Nippon Club has multiple dining rooms. Based on its square footage, the restaurant required a total of five AstroPure units. When the units arrived, the AAF team was on hand to assist in positioning them for optimal benefit without being in the way of patrons and wait staff.

The Results

With the AstroPure units in place, the management team at the restaurant determined that the units indeed improved air quality to levels above and beyond the requirements. In addition to helping the restaurant comply with safety protocols, the managers reported other benefits, such as quiet operation and a reduction in employee allergies.

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