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AAF takes the uncertainty out of an auto plant’s air filtration needs

See how AAF streamlined an auto plant’s air filtration needs.

The Filtration Situation

With 2,400 cars leaving the factory every day, efficiency is key to the operations of this customer’s automotive manufacturing site - yet technical issues related to their filtration sometimes delayed production at the site.

Their filter purchasing was not coordinated. Filters for applications ranging from stamping and Body in White (BIW) paint to assembly lines were bought from a variety of suppliers. These coordination problems led to long delivery times.

The AAF Solution

Any delays or filtration failures would have expensive consequences for this customer, so AAF took a full-service approach to streamlining the plant’s filtration fulfillment.

AAF would provide filters for each application process: air filters, paint filters, water filters, oil filters and high-pressure filters. The goal was to reduce energy costs and increase the service life of the filters. This included working with several departments, including maintenance, painting, procurement and supply chain, to address their unique needs.

Special attention was paid to the paint lines department. Any filtration failures can lead to contamination of freshly painted cars, requiring costly and time-consuming rework.

This was the manufacturer’s first site worldwide to implement a full-service solution. AAF agreed to follow a step-by-step approach during the implementation phase. The success was remarkable.

The Results

AAF’s full-service solution was implemented over the course of several months. It’s now been running reliably for more than three years. Since the plan was put in place, the customer has noted many improvements resulting from the newly organized approach. In fact, they shared their results with their entire automotive group and the European purchasing department. Since then, two other plants have begun relying on AAF for similar filtration solutions.

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