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Engine plant dramatically cuts AHU energy use with AAF air filtration

Discover how AAF helped plant find a 50% energy cut.

The Filtration Situation

A $10 billion diesel engine manufacturer had been using the same standard-capacity HEPA filters for years. The AAF partner supplying the filters realized the plant was missing opportunities for energy savings. They worked with an AAF representative to uncover potential savings with an upgrade in filters and AAF’s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Diagnostic program.

The Technical Situation

All air handling units at the customer’s plant are equipped with variable frequency drives. Most units run at 100% of the supply VFD to receive the required airflow — and the standard HEPA filters the plant was using had very high initial resistance values. The standard filters were physically bulging under the stress of the airflow.

Based on AHU.R.09 system readings, the supply kW was 44.8. At $0.06 kW/h, that added up to $23,547 per year in energy costs!

The AAF Solution

AAF and the filter supplier recommended replacing the standard HEPA filter with a MEGAcel l eFRM filter. The high-performing MEGAcel filters feature a uniquely durable FluoroResin Membrane and combine ultra-high efficiency with extremely low-pressure drop. The lower initial resistance significantly reduces energy consumption which can lead to substantial energy savings and cost benefits. The customer agreed to install the MEGAcel I filter in AHU.R.09 on a trial basis.

Energy Saving Benefits

The advantages of switching to AAF MEGAcel I filters were dramatic. The energy used to supply AHU.R.09 dropped from 44.8 kW to 22.6 kW — a 50% decrease in energy consumption.

In addition, AHU.R.09’s variable frequency drive dropped from 100% to 74%. That means the same air volume was going through the unit while the motor was running at a lesser rate — another energy use reduction. The 50% decrease in energy consumption could reduce energy costs to $11,879 per year — a savings of $11,668 per year.

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