Friday, October 1, 2021
Reduce Filter Changeouts

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Are Labor Shortages Your New Pandemic?

“Do more with less.” Employers everywhere currently face staffing struggles. Facility management teams have it the worst, as they now shoulder additional sanitation and disinfection duties even as the size of the team stays the same or shrinks.

Choosing a Different Air Filter Can Help

Because the long-lasting filters from AAF Flanders require far fewer changeouts, facility staffers have more time to cross off other tasks from their checklist. For example, MEGApleat® M9 air filters need only 1-2 changeouts per year, allowing the team to focus on other to-do items.

 MEGApleat M9 Changeout

Fewer filter changeouts not only means that you buy fewer air filters.

It also means that:

  • Maintenance staff can perform tasks that don’t involve filters, which is critical when it’s so hard to hire and retain employees.
  • Staff in other departments, such as purchasing, receiving, and inventory control, are also freed up to get more work done.

Long-Lasting Filters You Can Rely On

MEGApleat M9 filters are the highest-performing pleated filters available. They maximize usable life and energy efficiency while performing at a superior level in all environments.

  • Rugged, heavy-duty construction includes moisture-resistant adhesive, die-cut frame, and a galvanized, expanded metal support grid. Combined, these features ensure that the MEGApleat M9 filter outperforms other pleated filters in high-air pressure conditions, minimizing opportunities for bypass and failure.
  • High dust-holding capacity allows these filters to remain safely in use for an extended time, even in high-dust environments. This dust-holding ability maximizes the filter’s life and energy efficiency.
MEGApleat M9 Filter 

Contact your AAF Flanders representative to learn how MEGApleat M9 filters can save you time, money, and resources.

In fact, your AAF rep can compare the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your current air filtration configuration with one that leverages the superior performance of the MEGApleat M9 filter.

Act now to see the side-by-side comparison for yourself.