Air filtration in the metalworking industry

Committed to protecting workers and increasing the safety of people and processes against potential toxic fumes, pollutants, and explosive dust.

Fewer emissions and improved indoor air quality in metalworking plants

Metalworking processes in automation, aerospace, machining, and a lot more manufacturing companies usually involve raw materials whose treatment can result in dust particle generation that at certain volumes, and if not removed from the indoor air circulation, can become hazardous both for the environment and the worker.

Breathing metallic fumes that result from thermal cutting processes (laser, plasma, or oxy) as well as from metal spraying to prevent corrosion can be dangerous. Other processes such as grinding can be highly explosive depending on the application (aluminium, special alloy, titanium).


Ensuring a safer working space with efficient dust collectors

Emission levels need to be under strict control in thermal cutting. Cartridge filters with superior performance media with the ability to filter the smallest particles are needed to maintain indoor air quality levels and reduce emissions.

During the shotblasting and metallizing processes, booths need to be adequately ventilated so that the process is not impaired, resulting in additional costs because of the unsatisfactory quality of the output.

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