Material Packaging

The last operation in many manufacturing processes is packaging, a dusty process which can contaminate the indoor atmosphere in the facility and increase costs due to product loss.


Big Bag Filling / Emptying

The efficiency of this process depends on how safe and fast it can be completed while minimising product loss. Collecting the dust emissions is a key factor for ensuring them all.

Dust collectors play a key part in this process, not only to control indoor emissions to maintain a clean and safe workspace, but also to control costs by recovering lost product and preventing damage to the mechanical systems and bearings of the filling machines.

In this application, the airflow is determined by the type of system used to fill or empty the big bag or sack. Knowing the characteristics of the specific machinery will be essential to determine the size of the dust collection solution.

Selecting the dust collection system to ensure an efficient operation

Packaging is an operation required in a wide variety of industries, and different levels of toxicity can occur depending on the bulk material being handled. In cases where hazardous products are packaged, maintaining a clean indoor atmosphere will provide the safety workers need to operate without possible contamination, including product applications where continuous exposure to airborne particles can be damaging to the health of the worker.

The type of product being processed will also determine if an ATEX certified dust collector is required so that safety is ensured when packaging potential explosive dust.

Normally performed indoors, compact and Plug & Play dust collectors will be the most recommended option to minimise the footprint and to ensure quick and easy commissioning and start-up. When several packaging systems are combined in the operation, a centralised dust collection installation can be designed ensuring all emission points are connected through a duct system to a single larger dust collector.

The size of the packaging machinery will also influence the dust concentrations, this will subsequently impact the air filtration solution implemented. Regardless of its size, the packaging process is normally a non-continuous operation, making the dust collector easier to control and operate and extending its operating life.

Original Equipment Manufacturing Partnership

AAF’s comprehensive range of dust collectors with compact Plug & Play configurations, easy maintenance, and simple operations to start and stop, will meet the requirements of the packaging systems.

These standardised solutions and our custom services provide the perfect bundle for conveying and transportation machinery Original Equipment Manufacturers, creating a plug & play solution that simplifies the end user’s commission and start-up.

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