Surface Treatment

The dust and fumes generated when treating the metals’ surface can be hazardous for the employees’ health and the environment. Removing the dust and fumes, is critical to avoid contamination and to ensure an optimum operation performance.


Powder Coating

Eliminating the dust generated in facilities within powder coating processes is a must for maintaining a healthy workplace, avoiding environmental contamination, and reducing costs by recovering the collected product.

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This process generates the finest dust in the industry and therefore sizing the correct dust collection solution is essential to keep the workspace clean and safe and to avoid environmental emissions.

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Shot Blasting

The final dust collection configuration for this application is primarily determined by the size and shape of the material being treated, as the abrasive technique applied will depend on these characteristics.

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Grinding, Cutting & Trimming

The key point in these applications is that a comprehensive dust analysis needs to be performed as the behaviour of the dust varies depending on its condition and so the dust collector selected will be determined by it.

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Polishing & Deburring

The use of cellulose when polishing luxury items, gold parts or other fine materials, generates dust containing fibres. In this scenario, bag collectors are usually the most suitable option to efficiently remove this challenging type of dust. Cartridge collectors could be another efficient filtration solution as well if the configuration defined includes a pre-separator and the filtration media offers a superior performance.

During the deburring process, no high dust concentrations are emitted, however, a significant number of sparks are generated. Wet collectors or cartridge collectors with an integrated spark arrestor are required to eliminate the potential of explosion.

Selecting a dust collection solution that meets the needs of the application

Environmental and safety related challenges occur during every surface treatment process. The dust generated from the treatment of metals can be hazardous to employees and highly pollutant to the environment. Dust collectors are critical to remove particles from the indoor atmosphere, but also to reduce environmental emissions.

Apart from the fine dust and metal fumes, numerous sparks are generated within surface treatments. If the appropriate safety measures are not implemented, the risk of fire can be high. This also applies to dust collectors, if sparks reach the filtration media, deflagration can happen.

Different filtration technologies can be applied to surface treatment applications. From ATEX certified wet collectors that will ensure a safe recirculation of air within the plant, to cartridge collectors that will efficiently remove the finest particles and fumes.

Another key point to consider when planning a dust collection system is the filtration media. Due to the characteristics of the dust generated during these operations, standard media cartridges can easily collapse so nanofibre superior performance media is recommended for an efficient dust removal.

Original Equipment Manufacturing Partnership

AAF’s wide range of products have been designed to meet the needs of metalworking surface treatment applications. With different filtration technologies, several final configurations available, a compact size to minimise the footprint, and a simplified maintenance operation, they will ensure the safety required when handling the dust and fumes generated from metals treatment.

These standardised solutions and our custom services provide the perfect bundle for thermal cutting machinery Original Equipment Manufacturers, creating a plug & play solution that simplifies the end user’s commission and start-up.

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