Partnering with Original Equipment Manufacturers

Designed to meet the requirements of applications where dust emissions can be challenging, our solutions make a perfect match with core process machinery.


Increasing the added value provided by the OEM

Original Equipment Manufacturer’s products are designed and manufactured with a strong focus on the target market’s specific needs and requirements. Customer’s operations and process conditions are carefully analysed to provide the greatest added value and the most cost-efficient solution.

This means even providing a reliable air filtration solution ready to remove particles from indoor atmosphere, ensuring safety and reducing potential environmental contamination when serving industrial operations and processes that generate dust emissions.

By offering both, the ultimate value proposition to the customer will be a complete solution that not only supports the operation but also ensures an improved and enhanced performance.


Customization capacity

Because we understand the importance of branding when marketing a product, we offer our OEM partners the possibility of customising our dust collector so that it fits with their corporate branding guidelines. RAL colours, logos, and other brand related personalization to provide a fully integrated and ready to sell solution.

Apart from the branding, our manufacturing capabilities also allow us to adapt certain options, final configurations, and layouts to an OEM’s machinery needs, so that the final packaged solution meets the expectations for the design and functionality.

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Quality, reliability, and lead time

At AAF we firmly believe maintaining high quality standards is the only way to sustain a competitive business, our more than a hundred years of experience in the international air filtration business is the proof of that.

Our products are recognised for their durability and reliability and our service is highlighted for being customer oriented. Committed to ensuring a short lead time while keeping the highest quality levels, we apply lean manufacturing techniques to our manufacturing processes to improve our internal efficiency in the benefit of our customers.


Comprehensive standard portfolio

With both dry and wet filtration solutions and a range of equipment that covers airflows from 0m3/h up to 150.000m3/h, AAF dust collectors meet the needs of many industrial applications. From those with small airflows and low dust concentrations, to others with huge levels of emissions. For challenging outdoor environments with extreme climate conditions, and for indoor workspaces with explosion risks due to the characteristics of the dust being handled.

Whatever the equipment is, every solution has been designed to ensure an optimum operational performance of the industrial process as well as to minimise the maintenance, extend the equipment life cycle and reduce the total cost of ownership.


Technical assistance

We’ve got you covered. AAF’s experienced team of engineers and technicians will provide effective performance descriptions, maintenance recommendations, operation fundamentals, and all guidance needed to make the most of your dust collector.

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Replacement Parts

To ensure efficiency, a filtration solution requires a dust collector with an optimised design in combination with a superior performance filtration media. AAF’s REDClean industry leading nanofibre media provides an excellent dust release, a lower pressure drop, and reduced compressed air consumption.

Our spare parts programme will make your dust collector maintenance easy, ensuring a full-time service and providing the support needed to minimise downtime of the operation.

A comprehensive portfolio to meet your needs

The widest range of dust collectors designed to meet the challenges of the most demanding industrial applications while reducing your total cost of ownership.

Dry Collectors

Dry Collectors

Highly efficient cartridge and bag solutions with simple maintenance, longer life cycle, and reduced compressed air usage.

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Wet Collectors

Wet Collectors

A wide range of configurations, sizes, and filtration options to efficiently use the power of water for industrial dust removal.

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Oil Mist Collectors

Oil Mist Collectors

Oil mist collectors designed to meet the various needs of wet machining applications, whatever the configuration or requirements of the process are.

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Replacement Parts

Replacement Parts

Energy savings and excellent dust release ensured with our nanofibre leading technology and other superior performance medias.

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Here to support you

Our experts will guide you to the best filtration solution to improve the indoor air quality in your facility.