Air filtration in the automotive industry

Treating metals is a heavy dust laden processes, but when referring to the automotive industry, the huge volume of materials, operations, and production lines involved makes it unique. Indoor and outdoor emission levels in this industry are greater and require highly efficient air filtration solutions.

Health and quality for an optimised process

Many metalworking operations occur in automotive manufacturing plants. In those, a variety of metals are used resulting in different types of emissions. Fine dust particles, but also larger toxic particles can be emitted. Some gases and weld fumes can also be dangerous if inhaled. Ensuring a safe indoor atmosphere is key for protecting employee health.

The same need for strict emissions control is necessary for outdoor air. The dust and pollutants, which are generated in high concentrations at many points in the manufacturing process, must be removed to avoid environmental impact from contamination.

Quality is another crucial item. Every piece of material will need to be corrected if the individual quality controls are not passed and approved. As a result, additional costs, and production delays will occur. A clean indoor production atmosphere that minimizes the possible damages from suspended dust in certain operations is a priority for this sector.


Air filtration for a safe manufacturing process

High indoor and outdoor air quality is mandatory for a safe manufacturing process in the automotive industry. Dust collection will efficiently protect the operator’s working conditions by reducing air pollutants that may affect their health.

The quality of the overall process will also benefit from clean indoor air by reducing suspended dust that might affect operations or products where any small dust particle can result in damages. An optimised performance will be ensured as a result.

Another key safety benefit from air filtration systems in this sector is reducing incidents and accidents that might occur when handling the explosive and flammable dust produced when treating some metals. ATEX certified dust collectors with explosive preventive systems such as sparks arrestors, venting panels, or relief valves will minimise the risks, ensuring a safer workspace both for the operator and the entire plant.

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