Providing Air Quality across Industry

Air filtration is a crucial part of many manufacturing processes. Understanding the principles of their specific operations, their challenges and what they need to maintain optimal operational performance is essential to meet their needs.

Long-term experience in close collaboration with a variety of companies from different sectors has enabled AAF to develop a deep understanding that enables us to help you select the best air filtration solution.


Reducing indoor and outdoor emissions

With significant levels of pollutants, metallic dust needs to be kept at a minimum to protect the environment as well as plant workers and operators. An efficient air filtration solution is the only way to reduce outdoor emissions as well as ensure a safe and efficient plant.

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Dust removal to ensure safety

Food processing for human consumption comprises several strict processes that cannot be ignored to comply with industrial regulations. Safety is key from different perspectives: a safe work environment by reducing airborne dust; a safe process by eliminating risks while handling certain types of powder; a safe production with no traces of certain ingredients that must be completely removed from final food products. Dust collection is the perfect partner in this manufacturing process.

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Clean and safe indoor atmosphere

A large industry with a wide variety of processes involved and specific needs depending on the product being produced. Regardless of the differences among fertilizers or cosmetics, refinery products or biotech, the need for the safest and cleanest environment and the highest indoor air quality is common to all.

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Ensuring a safe and clean indoor air

Continuous exposure to indoor air with medicine particles and substances used in the pharmaceutical products production can be risky. Cleaning the indoor atmosphere is key to maintain workers safety, but also to eliminate any possible contaminant that can damage the production or manufacturing process.

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Ensuring optimum operational performance

Minerals are a key player in industrial manufacturing, but its treatment is challenging, and highly dusty, flammable dust and explosive gas are handled in high temperatures. Air filters are required for dust collection and ensuring operational performance. No matter the industry, compliance within the sector’s safety requirements will be necessary.

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Removing the dust from recycling

An efficient management of worldwide waste is key to ensure a safer and cleaner environment. At AAF we support this industry by reducing the impact of the air pollutants that can be generated during the recycling process. Bringing clean air to life!

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Ensuring safety standards required

With a high volume of metalworking operations, dust collection is an essential parti of the aerospace industry. Reducing outdoor emissions is essential, but keeping a clean and safe indoor atmosphere to preserve worker’s health and preventing fire, explosions, and accidents that can occur, is also important.

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Safety and quality assured

Safety of the workers and the environment is the most important role of dust collection in the auto industry. Ensuring quality levels by providing clean indoor air without contaminates that could damage production is another key element in an industry with high level of potential explosive, toxic or pollutant metal dust.

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Wood, Pulp and Paper hero

Avoiding hazardous indoor dust clouds

Wood and paper processing applications produce highly flammable dust; therefore, a proper dust collection system is required to prevent fire and explosions, also to provide a cleaner and safer working environment free of suspended airborne and fine dust particles.

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Superior performance for an improved operation

AAF’s equipment portfolio comprises the widest range of products and solutions, designed to meet the specific needs industrial manufacturing process.

  • A comprehensive range of air flows: from 0m3/h up to 150,000m3/h.
  • Dry and wet options, with different filtration technologies available depending on the application.
  • Different final layouts, including the constructive material (carbon or stainless steel), sizes and even final disposal of some elements can be selected.
  • Options to accomplish with specific regulations on production or with the characteristics of challenging environments such as explosive atmospheres, high humidity areas or high temperatures.

In combination with the superior performance provided by our filtration medias on bags and cartridges, excellent dust release is achieved at the lowest energy consumption and with fewer filter change-outs and maintenance.

A comprehensive portfolio to meet your needs

The widest range of dust collectors designed to meet the challenges of the most demanding industrial applications while reducing your total cost of ownership.

Dry Collectors

Dry Collectors

Highly efficient cartridge and bag solutions with simple maintenance, longer life cycle, and reduced compressed air usage.

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Wet Collectors

Wet Collectors

A wide range of configurations, sizes, and filtration options to efficiently use the power of water for industrial dust removal.

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Replacement Parts

Replacement Parts

Energy savings and excellent dust release ensured with our nanofibre leading technology and other superior performance medias.

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Here to support you

Our experts will guide you to the best filtration solution to improve the indoor air quality in your facility.

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