Superior nanofibre cartridge with flame retardant finish

REDClean® NFR is a high-performance cartridge with a synthetic and cellulose media blend and a nanofibre outer layer. This composition ensures the collection of the smallest particles, excelling at surface loading through a fine pore structure. As a result, the durability of the cartridge is increased.

Its flame retardant finish slows down combustion and flame propagation, increasing safety when filtering dust with incandescent particles.

With an excellent dust release, REDClean® NFR is suitable for the most hazardous industrial applications, reducing the total cost of ownership and energy usage while ensuring longer life cycle.


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Group 84-1

Superior performance against the smallest particles

Group 33

Fire risk reduced

Group 34

Cost and energy savings


Features & Benefits

  • F9 efficiency (EN779).
  • Industry-leading nanofibre technology. Highest efficiency with the lowest differential pressure.
  • Less compressed air consumption.
  • Increased life cycle and reduced maintenance costs.
  • High efficiency in metal processing, food, chemical, pharmaceutical and textile industries.
Thermal Cutting

Thermal Cutting

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Surface Treatment

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