Diesel and Gas Engine Field Services

At AAF, we’ll work with you to understand your current diesel and gas engine performance and evaluate how to achieve a dependable air quality hour after hour.

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Diesel and gas engine auxiliary equipment

Engine air intake combustion systems, ventilation systems and exhaust systems are vital components, which when maintained, operate to protect diesel and gas engines. Equipment of this importance requires the right calibre of support, with years of experience and a highly qualified team, AAF Field Services will work with you to fulfil your maintenance, repairs and upgrade requirements.

Engine Surveys

Surveys & inspection

AAF Field Services can support you through project surveys and onsite inspections that extend beyond evaluating the physical condition of the machinery. We provide in-depth analysis and recommend opportunities to increase diesel and gas engine efficiency.

AAF’s skilled technicians work as partners with your operating staff to capitalise on every opportunity to generate higher levels of performance.

Engine Installation

Installation & commissioning

AAF has completed thousands of diesel and gas engine projects around the world so when it comes to installation and commissioning you are in safe hands. Our trained members of staff work with you to ensure this is a harmonised process.

We work with a wide range of customers and work to the required industry standards to ensure equipment is operating at peak performance.

Engine Maintenance

Maintenance & repairs

At AAF, we believe that properly maintained auxiliary equipment is crucial to success. Our team of specialists ensure your filtration, ventilation and exhaust systems are maintained with the highest level of care and attention.

Due to the very harsh operating conditions of diesel and gas engines over time repairs are unavoidable and we’ll support you to ensure you are operational as quickly as possible.

Engine Upgrades

Upgrades & modifications

In many cases, AAF upgrades allow diesel and gas engine equipment that has reached the end of its useful life to be completely transformed, saving operators the expense of a total replacement while delivering more reliable, improved systems.

This could include a full or partial filtration system upgrade, replace damaged silencers or baffles, or add new components for additional protection e.g. moisture removal.

Here to support you

Our experts are here to help you and guide you to the best filtration solution to improve your operational performance.