Challenges for Gas Turbines in Rural Environments

Understanding the air quality challenges in rural environments that can lower gas turbine and compressor performance and how to remedy these challenges to maximise efficiency and profitability.

Overview - Rural-min

In rural and agricultural environments air quality filtration challenges are often seasonal.

Airborne contamination that occurs naturally includes pollen, seeds, and insects. A pollen season is determined by the surrounding trees and plants and may result in a very high volume of airborne particulate.

Farming also creates many air filtration challenges, including high concentrations of dust in the ploughing season.


It is the volume and intensity of air particles like pollen, seeds, and insects that can cause problems if incorrectly managed.

Filters can become overloaded, causing differential pressure (dp) to spike. So it is essential to have a suitable pre-filter capable of handling the high volumes of seasonal contamination. Smaller particles still exist in rural environments and so EPA filtration could well be required to maintain gas turbine and compressor efficiency.

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