Air filtration in the Chemical industry

Air filtration becomes strategic in chemical processes to avoid environmental contamination, secure environment at the workplace and to maintain an optimised operational performance.

When clean air is synonymous with safety

Ensuring indoor safe working conditions is key in any industry, but specially in those where certain components can be hazardous to employee health. Chemical powders can be potentially toxic, and if not safely managed to avoid exposure, they can be risky for operators. Environmental issues can also arise if their outdoor emissions are not controlled and kept under the levels determined by legislation.

Quality standards cannot be dismissed either, in some applications maintaining production at the highest level is dependent on process filters to ensure an optimised operation.


Air filtration in every step of the process

Due to the nature of some chemical components, increased protection is needed when being handled on conveyors, screens, or classifiers. A proper dust collection solution will avoid particles being spread into the indoor air, improving the air quality and creating a safer working condition.

Additionally, safety can also be increased when manually handling the dust collected. Dust collectors’ Bag-In/Bag-Out systems allow employees to avoid direct contact with the product and maintain healthy air quality.

Other operations such as drying, heating, or cooling rely on a process filter that ensures optimal operational performance.

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