Plasma Cutting

An effective way to precisely cut thick sheet metals, but also a hazardous process for operator’s health and the environment if the metal dust and fumes that are generated are not properly removed.


The relevance of experience

Due to the characteristics of plasma cutting application and how contaminating it can be, it’s essential to be very thorough when defining the dust collection solution applied.

The dimension of the table and the torch intensity will determine the airflow and therefore the size and filtration capacity selected for the application.

Larger tables and torch power over a certain level of amperes will generate more dust and fumes and, as a result, a larger air flow that will require a higher filtration capacity.

Superior filtration performance

Choosing the appropriate filtration media will be critical to ensure a proper and cost-effective dust extraction solution. Standard media such as polyester can easily collapse when treating metal dust and fumes so nanofibre superior performance media is recommended for an efficient dust removal.

Original Equipment Manufacturing Partnership

With compact and Plug & Play options, a longer life cycle and reduced maintenance costs, AAF’s OptiFlo range of dust collectors combined with the excellent dust release of the REDClean nanofibre filtration media ensure the best solution for plasma cutting machines.

These standardised solutions and our custom services provide the perfect bundle for thermal cutting machinery Original Equipment Manufacturers, creating a plug & play solution that simplifies the end user’s commission and start-up.

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