Optimize™ your gas turbine

AAF Optimize provides data driven optimisation for your gas turbine air inlet system, delivering the optimum solution to meet your individual air quality challenges and operational demands.


Gas Turbine Optimisation

Air inlet filtration systems play a fundamental role in overall gas turbine optimisation, incorrectly specified or poorly maintained systems can lead to suboptimal engine performance. AAF Optimize is an industry-leading support service that provides gas turbine users the capability to improve plant efficiency, availability, and reliability.

Engine Surveys

The assessment

Optimize assesses your site’s operational, commercial, and environmental data to firstly understand the current impacts and losses associated with your air inlet filtration system. Alternative solutions are then identified and assessed using a good, better, best selection methodology and the key benefits are highlighted for further discussion.


Reduce operational expenditure

Optimize will provide operators with the intelligence they need to lower system life cycle costs and help extend the operational life of a gas turbine. Focusing on the overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) the savings that can be achieved are significant, with the potential to save up to $500,000 per year for an F-Class gas turbine.


Increase availability & capacity

To maintain the optimal performance of your gas turbine, air inlet filtration systems need to be tailored to your site-specific environmental challenges. Advanced air filtration will significantly reduce compressor fouling and in doing so will increase gas turbine availability and efficiency. This will allow operators to maximise performance, plant revenues and increase overall profitability.


Reduce CO₂ emissions

As the gas turbine industry demands greener energy Optimize will assist you to find solutions that will lower your emissions and your carbon footprint. Gas turbine optimization is not only good for the planet but will also help to lower your operating expenditure as carbon taxes become more widespread and continue to increase.

Here to support you

Our experts are here to help you and guide you to the best filtration solution to improve your operational performance.