Metal dust and fumes are the two main hazards associated with metallizing. Air filtration plays a key role in the remediation of these by defining the right dust collection solution but also the filtration media used.


Efficiently dealing with fire risks

The dust generated when molten particles of zinc or other metals, such as aluminium, are sprayed onto a substrate is highly explosive and therefore ATEX certification is mandatory for the dust collectors, but also fire risk prevention systems such as relief valves or venting panels are needed to reduce deflagration possibilities.

Ensuring a proper dust filtration system

Due to the small size of the dust particles generated a larger filtration surface and dust discharge system that guarantees a greater filtration capacity is necessary. Additionally, when metallizing small pieces that require over spraying, a larger dust concentration will be generated and therefore for the same airflow, a higher capacity will be required.

Filtration media is another key element to ensure a successful air filtration in this application. Standard media is not efficient enough to ensure capturing the fine dust particles generated when metallizing. Nanofibre media with flame retardant finish will be the best option to ensure a safe and clean indoor atmosphere.

Original Equipment Manufacturing Partnership

AAF’s wide range of products have been designed to meet the needs of metalworking surface treatment applications. With different filtration technologies, several final configurations, a compact size, and a simplified maintenance operation, it will ensure the safety required when handling the dust and fumes generated from metals treatment.

These standardised solutions and our custom services provide the perfect bundle for thermal cutting machinery Original Equipment Manufacturers, creating a plug & play solution that simplifies the end user’s commission and start-up.

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