RotoClone® W

A customizable and versatile wet dust collector

RotoClone® W combines the flexibility of a customizable equipment with the capacity to operate in the most challenging industries. Small, easy to install, and maintain the RotoClone® W dust extraction system ensures a continuous performance 24/7 assuring a constant air flow even on high temperature processes.

It’s small footprint and the capacity for handling sticky dust on hot greasy applications makes RotoClone® W the ideal air filtration solution for industrial kitchen applications, food manufacturing, rubber industry and other high demanding industries.

ATEX certified for explosive atmospheres and recognised with a FM Global certification, it’s available in several sizes for different filter surfaces as well as with optional configurations to meet the industry requirements without any other secondary equipment needed.


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High versatility with a small footprint


Easy to install and operate

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Continuous operation with superior performance


Features & Benefits

  • Wide range of airflows at a very small footprint – From 1,000m3/h up to 50,000m3/h.
  • Designed to handle hygroscopic dust at high temperatures – Meets the needs of challenging processes and applications at industries such as food manufacturing.
  • Highly customizable – Although it is a small unit, several options and sizes are available.
  • ATEX certified – Allows handling explosive dust safely.
Thermal Cutting

Thermal Cutting

Reduce the impact of metal fumes on the environment while ensuring a cleaner and safer indoor atmosphere in your facility.

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