RotoClone® LVN

A wet dust collector for small metalworking applications

RotoClone® LVN is a compact and easy to use wet dust collector, specially designed to meet the needs of metalworking industries when filtering small applications under 4500m3/h.

Available in two standard sizes and with intuitive controls to ensure a simple operation and an easy maintenance. The key advantage of this industrial dust filter is its ability to recirculate indoor air.

ATEX certified, recirculation becomes safe when handling highly explosive dust from metalworking applications, while reducing the operational and energy costs.


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Meet the needs of small metalworking applications


Compact equipment with a small footprint


Improved, intuitive user experience


Features & Benefits

  • High efficiency in a compact and cost-effective solution.
  • Includes all components for an easy commissioning and start-up.
  • Maintenance is simple and with minimum requirements.
  • Longer life cycle.
  • ATEX certified for a safe performance on metalworking and other potentially explosive applications.
Thermal Cutting

Thermal Cutting

Reduce the impact of metal fumes on the environment while ensuring a cleaner and safer indoor atmosphere in your facility.

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