Granulation generates potentially hazardous fine dust that must be removed from the working area to keep workers healthy and safety conditions.

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Powder based processing

Normally applied in chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing processes, granulation creates a homogeneous mixture by the aggregation of powder fine particles and the addition of active pharmaceutical ingredient (API).

Whatever the technology used (wet or dry granulation) the risk of volatile particles spreading while being handled is high, and the continuous exposure to those particles with a certain level of toxicity can be unsafe

The use of a proper dust collection system that ensures clean and safe indoor air is critical to maintain healthy conditions during the manufacturing process of pharmaceutical dosage forms, mostly tablets and capsules.

Experience in precise dust collection configuration required

Managing the airflow is important to the dust collection process in this application. The granulator’s performance is generally made within a stable negative pressure linked and controlled by the OEM’s machinery and its PLC.

The airflow and differential pressure are key elements that must be considered when determining the size of the dust collector and the correct media for your filtration needs.

Original Equipment Manufacturing Partnership

With compact and Plug & Play options, a longer life cycle and reduced maintenance costs, AAF’s range of dry and wet dust collectors perfectly meet granulating application’s needs.

These standardised solutions, our superior nanofibre filtration media, and our custom services provide the perfect bundle for material processing machinery Original Equipment Manufacturers, creating a plug & play solution that simplifies the end user’s commission and start-up.

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