High efficiency droplet separator for diesel and gas engine intakes

AAF’s AmerVane is designed to remove free moisture found in fogs, mists, and heavy rain from diesel and gas engine inlet air. A very low operating pressure drop makes the AmerVane a truly cost-effective droplet separator to any air intake filter system for engines, providing superior moisture removal performance.

AmerVane mist eliminator removes airborne moisture by deflecting the air in several different directions. During this motion large droplets impinge onto the vane surface through inertial separation. The droplets then coalesce together to form larger droplets. These droplets travel down to the bottom of each vane, where they are drained from the filter system to avoid re-entrainment into the airstream.

Very High Droplet Removal Efficiency

Very high droplet removal efficiency

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Ideal first stage for engine filtration systems

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Maintenance free

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Features & Benefits

  • Close to 100% droplet removal efficiency at 5 microns or greater.
  • Streamlined profiles ensure low levels of pressure drop combined with high droplet separation efficiencies.
  • Aluminium vanes are strong, durable and corrosion resistant.
  • Protects filters downstream, helping to extend filter life and reduce maintenance costs.
  • Can be tailor-made to fit any diesel or gas engine inlet.

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