Self-cleaning oil bath filter for diesel and gas engines

The AAF MultiDuty® is an automated viscous air filter used in diesel and gas engine applications. This robust and reliable filtration system does not require filter elements and requires very little maintenance. The oil in this heavy-duty system is specially formulated for filtration and is nontoxic and odourless. It maintains its dust trapping characteristics over an extended period of time and dust will not break away and be carried downstream.

The MultiDuty® oil bath filter uses a rotating curtain of overlapping metal panels that are coated with oil so they can retain the dust. The panels force the airflow to change directions several times which allows dust particles to be captured against the sticky oil through inertial separation.

The metallic panels slowly rotate and enter the oil bath where the metallic panels are separated and slowly hang to allow extensive cleaning. The dust will be removed in this process and will deposit at the bottom of the reservoir where it can be decanted.

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Reliable and proven solution

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Low maintenance

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Low power consumption

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Features & Benefits

  • One full rotation will be made every 24 hours to ensure sufficient dust is captured before the panels are cleaned, consequently, the power consumption is very low.
  • Viscosine should be correctly maintained in the oil bath reservoir. This is a specially designed viscous adhesive that clings to the rotating metallic panels.
  • To manage this process AAF has an automatic oil cleaning system to ease maintenance called ViscoKleen.
  • Various additional options are available including higher efficiency secondary filtration through ChevronNet or ChevroPak.

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