Space saving moisture removal for diesel and gas engine intakes

AAF’s AmerDrop is a droplet catcher for diesel and gas engines. It is designed to be used in high moisture environments where large droplets of water are an issue. It is commonly used in installations where the air intake filter system may not have enough space to accommodate a vane type separator.

AmerDrop will enhance weather hood performance by removing free moisture from the intake air before it reaches the filters. Water droplets are removed from the air stream through inertial separation, resulting in greater engine protection and increased filter life. As the air passes through the AmerDrop, heavy water droplets are drawn out of the air stream and coalesce. The captured water then drains away without being re-entrained in the air stream.


Space saving design

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Increase filtration efficiency

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Improve overall diesel and gas engine performance

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Features & Benefits

  • Removes free moisture to protect your engine filtration system, increasing filter life and reducing maintenance costs.
  • Very low pressure drop enhances weather hood performance.
  • Honeycomb design provides a very strong and durable structure, constructed from corrosion-resistant material suitable for a long service life.
  • Simple to install, self-sealing, and interchangeable with all other manufacturers’ units.

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