ASC Engine Filtration

Self-cleaning filtration system with secondary air circuit

AAF’s Augmented Secondary Circuit (ASC) Filtration System for diesel and gas engines delivers superior protection in high dust environments. The innovative design of the ASC system removes up to 75% of the intake dust through inertial separation and positive extraction. These larger dust particles are immediately removed from the airstream into the secondary air circuit before reaching the filters. The remaining particles are captured by the versatile DuraPak filters.

Filters are surface loading and are cleaned with a reverse pulse of compressed air. The particles removed from the filters are extracted from the filtration system through the same secondary air circuit, avoiding re-entrainment and prolonging filter life. This results in a low and stable differential pressure and a high engine efficiency. Different filter options allow AAF to tailor an individual filtration system to meet customer requirements and to suit given operational and environmental conditions.

Group 50

Positive dust extraction

Group 27 Copy

Self-cleaning for longer service life

group 40

Low and constant pressure drop

Engine ASC_F&B 1
Engine ASC_F&B 2
Engine ASC_F&B 3

Features & Benefits

  • Dust is positively extracted immediately after it enters the filter system, unlike in traditional filter systems.
  • Up to 75% of the intake dust is positively extracted through inertial separation via the secondary air circuit.
  • Particles are captured on the surface of the filter elements and are removed through reverse pulse cleaning before being extracted out of the system.
  • The ASC can also be used in locations with severe winters, where the reverse pulse cleaning helps to remove snow and ice and keep differential pressure low.

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