Diesel and gas engine pocket filter for high dust

Specifically designed for the harsh environment of diesel and gas engine intake applications, AAF’s AmerGuard range of pocket or bag filters is ideally suited to protect reciprocating engines and can be used as either a pre-filter or final filter, depending on the environment and the efficiency required.

The AmerGuard has a high dust holding capacity, making it suitable for high dust environments and still capable of providing a long filter life. The synthetic fibres have a non-woven progressive density for enhanced particulate capture. In addition, moisture resistance properties make the AmerGuard a reliable pre-filter in high humidity environments, helping to remove moisture from the air before it reaches the final filters. This in turn extends the life of the final filter to reduce operational expenditure.

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High dust holding capacity


Moisture resistant

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Long filter life

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Features & Benefits

  • Aerodynamic pocket separators promote full and even loading of particulate throughout the depth of the pocket, resulting in a longer filter life.
  • Thermally bonded, synthetic fibres offer excellent performance, even in high humidity environments.
  • Self-supporting pockets maintain optimum shape in the airstream even under turbulent airflows.
  • Lightweight corrosion-resistant construction allows for easy installation and removal.

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