Advanced technology Diesel and gas engine pre-filter

AAF’s AmerShield diesel and gas engine pre-filters, with integrated Impress® technology, offer an outstanding combination of advanced filtration technology and coalescing performance. They are specifically designed for the rigorous and high moisture environments of diesel and gas engine air inlet applications.

The AmerShield’s optimised pleat spacing allows the filter media to load evenly and maintain a low resistance to airflow, serving to maximise filter life. There is also no risk of bypass as the entire perimeter of the filter media is bonded to the plastic frame. The hydrophobic media is effective at coalescing airborne moisture to form large droplets on the air entry side of the media, which then fall out of the airstream to the bottom of the filter.


Moisture-proof synthetic media

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Very low airflow resistance

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Maximum service life

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Features & Benefits

  • The AmerShield’s thermal embossed-pleat technology and intermittent beads of adhesive create the ideal surface geometry for smooth and even airflow.
  • The 100% synthetic media is hydrophobic, allowing moisture to coalesce out of the airstream to protect final filters. Suitable for coastal or high-moisture installations.
  • The ideal pleat geometry to facilitate full media utilisation, resulting in fewer filter change-outs and less downtime.
  • This versatile filter is very lightweight, making removal and installation as easy as possible.

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